Our Story: #butfirstcoffee

"This morning, with her, having coffee..." 
- Johnny Cash, when asked his description of paradise

A series of random events lead me to meet my fiance. Classic college parties, hanging out at hookah lounges for a ridiculous amount of hours on end, and the inevitable allure of summertime beach days... The universe conspired and Ameen and I went on our first date, to a local coffee shop, thirteen years ago. 

First of all, let me just say that summing up thirteen years... Honestly? It's been hard. No one can ever really explain to you how much work relationships are. Yes. Sorry, not so sorry. I said it. WORK. After the many lovely "firsts" followed by thoughtful flowers, beyond the long road trips filled with endless laughter, and despite the blissfully lazy days full of Law and Order reruns while eating five dollar Little Ceaser's pizzas... Although all those moments do matter and I carry them with me, no one can really prepare you for the fact that what really counts is "what you both do", during the lows, when you "see" one another's "ugly". The lows personally, and as a couple, can get low. So knowing that on those days, those weeks, or even those months, when the lows seem like too much to bear and you rather not get out of bed, there is someone who is waking up, still wanting to share another cup of coffee with you, it matters. 

Don't get me wrong, #butfirstcoffee is also woven into much of the fabric of our happiness. It's the high point of our daily routine. Walking our dog Oliver to the coffee shop is something we try to do every day. It is also the starting point when we explore any new place together. Always first on our to-do list is finding a local coffee shop where can sip on a latte and people watch. 

Yet I must say, the moments I hold dear to my heart are still the lows. The time when he suddenly interrupted me the middle of a pivotal argument, with the excuse that he just wanted to buy me a cup of coffee before we said anything more. Or the time I persuaded him to finally leave the house, after a long week where he questioned a big career change that affected our whole lives, for a warm latte. Sitting side by side, sharing a cup of joe in tearful silence, we suddenly found ourselves serenaded, under the moonlight, to Harvest Moon... and we somehow knew everything would be alright.

As I look back at the fabric of our relationship, it is truly serendipitous how, from that instant after our first coffee date, our story is stitched together by so many moments where we simply took the time to stop and share a cup of coffee together...

photography Michael Weidmann
locations Sightglass Coffee (Mission District) & Ampersand SF
florals Ampersand SF