WFM #CleanBeauty

I had so much fun earlier this month, throwing Whole Foods Market's Beauty Brunch to celebrate their Beauty Week. Surrounded by the amazing scenic views at the Filoi estate grounds, the event kicked off in the WFM Beauty Lounge at the Filoli garden house where guests were welcomed by a Health-Ade Kombucha Cocktail Bar. Sipping on my Berry Booch Spritzer Mocktail, I choose to indulge in mini mani! Guests were also treated to a swoon-worthy brunch spread prepared by WFM San Mateo. The Cucumber Crostini and the Tea Sandwiches were my favorites.

This is the second year I partner with them to host an amazing group of ladies to an afternoon of learning about the carefully selected #CleanBeauty brands you can find in the Whole Body department. To be honest, before I was introduced to the Whole Body department, I had not taken the time to really think about what things were in my body care products. Make-up, facial cleanser and nail polish were all major parts of my beauty routine, yet I had no clue what I was putting on my body. As I got to know the WFM #CleanBeauty standards, which encourage plant-based ingredients and ensure cruelty-free testing, I started truly researching what I was using and what #CleanBeauty options I could supplement them with. I am not a girl of change, thus when I chose to transition into #CleanBeauty products my biggest concern was that the #CleanBeauty products would not give me the same results as the products I had come know as my go-tos.  I was happily surprised and proud to report that 90% of my body care products are now ethically sourced and made of natural ingredients. Two of my favorite makeup items from Whole Body are Mineral Fusion's Blush in Flashy and Dr. Hauschka "Pink Topaz" Lipstick. This year's Whole Food Market's Beauty Week discoveries are Acure's Radically Rejuvenating Under-Eye Mask and Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser, evan healy French Rose Clay and Zuzu Cosmetics Liquid Liner.

Beauty week is March 21st to the 27th! All facial care, hair care and cosmetics will be 25% off. Also... SUPER HONORED that I, along with my #CleanBeauty picks, will be featured in all SF Peninsula and South Bay Area stores during WFM Beauty Week so make sure to look out for my picture in the Whole Body department and shop my #CleanBeauty recommendations!


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Special thanks to all the event partners,

Photography Kai Sotto Photography