WFM #HelloBeauty Shopping Guide

Am I the only one currently trying to get out of my winter funk? Style and beauty in the colder months is really minimal for me. After the excitement of layers and fall colors dies down, I actually just stick to black pieces and beauty becomes more about simply keeping my skin and hair hydrated. I won't lie, at a certain point I actually just consciously decide to  hibernate from anything that requires me to do my hair or make up. LOL I know, #noshame. You all know a lot of you do the same. Don't lie to me. LOL. This year has been especially harsh on my beauty routine. Anyone else suffer some wacky changes with all this wacky weather? Well I got some super exciting news for all of you that will hopefully help you find some spring style feels. 

For this coming month of March I will be joining two other amazing bloggers, The Beauty Vanity (Make-Up Expert) and Honey Ghee & Me (Healthy Living Expert), to showcase Whole Foods Market's Annual Spring Beauty Sale that will be taking place from 3/22 to 3/27, where all facial care and cosmetics will be 25% off. Thus we have teamed up with Whole Foods Market to share with you our personal #CleanBeautyFave products. This means you will be able to walk into any WFM, from the Peninsula to Monterey County, and shop our #HelloBeauty picks durning the sale. To kick-off this month of spring beauty style we are hosting a #WFMBeautyBrunch party on March 5th in Santa Clara and you are all invited! The first 100 registered guest will be receiving an awesome goodie bag so make sure to RSVP! Register HERE! I hope to see you there! XOXO!

P.S. I have shared some of my picks above for those of you who are eager to get your spring style shopping started a little early!