Love Sparkles

Happy Valentine's Day Loves! SO many reasons to be happy for on this day we celebrate love. I know many aren't too crazy about this holiday, with all its commercialized madness but I personally think that Valentine's day does not have to be about romance. I use it as a great excuse to just say a simple thank you to family and friends who have shown me what it means to be loved. Some years I have taken my mother flowers. Others I have mailed Valentines to long distance friends. My most recent favorite V-Day act was dropping off some heart-shaped balloons for my nieces at their High School. I remember as a young girl seeing friends get roses from their boyfriends during school lunch and feeling pretty crummy. Thus I just felt like letting them know that a boyfriend is not necessarily needed to celebrate Valentine's Day. I guess what I'm trying to say is that on a day that might be easy to get caught up in all the over-the-top romance (or lack there of) take the time and think about reaching out to someone in your life that might just need a little reminder that they are loved. You may be surprised at how a little sparkle of love can go a long way. 

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photography Yasmin Roohi