Joie X Herradura

It was so much fun when I recently co-hosted a Herradura Happy Hour with my blogger bff Grace of My Style & Grace in SF. I threw on a simple fall floral for the day in the city (see and shop my full look visit my pervious post HERE) Whenever I trek to San Francisco although jeans and a shirt might seem the obvious choice, I like the idea of something less constricted for romping around town. My babe Grace I thus car pooled up and I had to make our first stop my favorite coffee shop in the Mission, Sightglass Coffee. With the wind destroying our hair and  by default Instagram dreams we then head over to  play dress-up with Joie's Fall line, while sipping on some Herradura Margaritas... I mean can a Girls Night Out get any better?! I have one word. TACOS. lol. Yes we ended the night indeed with tacos. XOXO! 

photography Melissa De Mata