Citrus Crafted Cocktails

As you may know I have really been on a winter whisky kick but with the sudden California heat wave this week I am currently craving something a little lighter and slightly sweeter for the coming Valentine weekend. The perfect opportunity to rekindled my romance with vodka, I played with three of Heritage Distilling Co.'s flavored vodkas, "dressing up" some Valentine's worthy cocktails with a little help from Whole Foods Silicon Valley. Trust me, they are not just pretty but pack the right punch as well. 

What I loved about Heritage Distilling Co.'s flavored vodkas was that they were just sweet enough to not require me to use any simple syrup. I was able to simply balance the cocktails with some fresh squeezed citrus juices that took no major shopping or preparation. Adding a hint of Valentine's je ne sais quoi to the libations, I found some no-fuss all natural garnish options at my local Whole Foods Silicon Valley. Sprig roses are a great go-to for a sweet floral touch. Instead of artificial candy, consider candied pineapple rings as a haute and healthy option. Lastly how amazing is pink salt?! Not only does it have some great benefits for your body but totally cute as well. I have listed all the ingredients and instructions bellow. Cheers!

Heritage Distilling Co. Pineapple Vodka
Heritage Distilling Co. Blood Orange Vodka
Heritage Distilling Co. Grapefruit Vodka
Ruby Red Grapefruits 

Pineapple Passion:
Fill Highball Glass with ice
Add 1.5 oz Pineapple Vodka
Add 2 oz fresh Orange Juice
Add a splash of Lime Juice
Garnish with a Candied Pinapple Ring

Citrus Martini:
Fill shaker with ice
Add 2 oz of Blood Orange Vodka
Add 1.5 oz of fresh Grapefruit Juice
Add 1 oz of fresh Mandarin Juice
Shake well
Strain into Martini Glass
Garnish with a sprig Rose

Salty Dog:
Rim a Lowball glass with salt
Fill glass with ice
Add 1.5 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka
Fill the rest of the glass with fresh squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Flowers & Natural Ingredients via Whole Foods Silicon Valley