Aside from the classic Christmas and New Years food celebrations, going out for Holiday brunch has become my favorite way to gather for a more casual and yet still yummy seasonal celebration. The decorations, the parties, and the gifts are all fun of course, yet for me what is truly at the heart of the season is breaking bread with family and friends, for these moments shared around the table always include laughs and make amazing new memories. 

I have a couple favorite brunch spots in the south bay but recently I was excited to add a new location to my list, The Four Seasons Silicon Valley Hotel's Quattro Restaurant's #QBrunchClub. The #QBrunchClub is an amazing new brunch special. For 26$ brunch includes an appetizer, an entree, bottomless Prosecco and a dessert buffet!!! I mean, need I say more?!? I was lucky enough to host a bevy of local SF Bay Area bloggers to a full preview of their delicious spread and it was so hard for any of us to decided on just one favorite dish or cocktail. Chef Marco Fossati has put together a delectable curated menu that is perfect for any brunch party. My dish recommendations would have to be two classics with a exquisite culinary twist. First is the chicken and waffles. The buttermilk soaked chicken paired with waffles is yum, but its the sausage gravy what makes it all together pure bliss. Second is the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. I am not a big fan of pancakes but these subtly sweet pancake pillows hit just the right flavor notes. With so many great dishes going in a group is a must for sharing an array of entrees and appetizers is the way to go. Happy holiday brunching my lovelies!

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