City Cooking

I wore this look recently to a private cooking lesson with Green Chef at Cookhouse SF. A wonderful evening full of lovely conversation and healthy eating, it was so much fun to get hands-on in the kitchen for a change. I will confess, as some close friends might know, I am not very well versed when it comes to cooking. I have a few (... and by a few I mean about three. So embarrassed.) dishes in my repertoire and I honestly prefer baking. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that my mom is an amazing chef. A plethora of Oaxacan dishes, the complex flavors she so effortlessly seems to master often leaves me wondering why I didn't get the "cooking" gene. I truly do envy people who can simply taste a dish and know what is missing but I do have hope I can still learn. My evening with Green Chef definitely boosted my confidence in this aspect. A simple and certified organic option, Green Chef will ship you three ready to cook meals for two in a box to your home. What I love best about the box is that each meal comes with a step-by-step picture recipe sheet, a "how-to-cook for dummies" like moi, that makes the cooking process easy. For my lesson I made their Paleo Mustard Balsamic Chicken alongside bloggers Cassandra PisoneTrish O’Keefe, Ashley Pitt and Ana Kamin. A small escape to the city, I truly enjoyed making a delish dish that would certainly be a hit in my home. 

Dress F21
Heels Vince Camuto
Vintage Coach Bucket Bag Crossroads Trading Co.
Vegan Leather Jacket Nasty Gal
Vintage Scarf Kuzak's Closet

Event Photos c/o Green Chef