Hairstyle: Scarf Bun

I cannot believe the summer is already coming to an end! A whirlwind of changes, the last two months have been full of great new opportunities that I am so excited to see grow. Although they have required me to let go of the blog for a bit, I am super excited to finally get back to all you pretties and start to share my style escapades again.

Thus not wanting to say good-bye to summer just yet, I worked with Bigsby House to create a easy scarf knot perfect for those last days at the beach. As always with any hair-do, but particularly with a messy bun, you want to start with dry and "set" hair for great hold. Once prepped, simply gather your hair and tie it up into a high bun, accessorizing it with your favorite scarf. Voila! Make sure to stay tuned for the full look. I will be sharing a vintage bag I have had on repeat this summer.

Vintage Scarf Kuzak's Closet / Sunnies Black & Brown

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