Mixology 101: Cherry Vanilla Old Fashioned

With summer officially here and my favorite holiday, The 4th of July, coming up quick I was recently looking to make a classic American cocktail for my Mixology 101 series. Thus collaborating with the fabulous Paddock Club, when I recently visited the legendary Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, I was able to learn the art of the Old Fashioned.

The origin of the Old Fashioned has recipe roots in New York, name origins in Kentucky and is basically an institution in Wisconsin. It has become the state's signature drink and typically this Wisconsin artifact is made with Brandy. Yet as Paddock Club restaurant manager Amy Bontiz explained, the Wisconsin Old Fashioned can come be made in many different ways, given your mood and location. Giving this drink a craft cocktail twist, the cherry vanilla old fashioned gives the drink a more sweet but subtle flavors, making this typically Mad Men style libation a little more ladylike chic. A tip from the Paddock Club, play with the amount of cherry vanilla bitters you put in the drink. The sweeter you like your drink the more bitters you can add and vice versa, so consider starting off with less dashes and work your way to your desired taste. A tip from me, don't think you have to make your own bitters to play such interesting flavors. Explore your local spirits store and  even online shop. With craft cocktailing being such a hot thing right now you can find a variety of flavored bitters and syrups readily available. Loving the Paddock's Club handmade cherry vanilla bitters, I was actually able to shop for some that are pre-made online! (shop here) Cheers to summer sippin!

Luxardo Cherries
Orange Cherry
Vanilla Bitters
Ginger Beer

1. Muddle a half slice of orange and 3 Luxardo cherries into glass
2. Add 7 dashes of Cherry Vanilla bitters
3. Add 1.5 oz of Bourbon
4. Fill glass with ice
5. Top off with ginger beer
6. Stir to mix

Paddock Club
61 South Lake Street
Elkhart Lake, Wi
(920) 876-3288