Lemonade Berry Popsicles

I am so excited Fourth Of July is already here! Ready from some sun and possibly swimming over the long holiday weekend, there is no better way to kick off the summer celebration than with a festive dessert. Really loving no bake recipes right now, I collaborated with Fresh & Easy to make a simple and sweet dessert, Lemonade Berry Popsicles. When shopping for my ingredients I had so much fun exploring my local Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. I discovered that not only did it have an easy, yet tasty pre-made selection, but it also had a bevy of fresh fruits and vegetables, with an organic option.

For my recipe I wanted to stay in red, white and blue theme, so I took home organic strawberries, blueberries and pure squeezed lemonade. Fresh & Easy actually has a couple of yummy lemonade options, I suggest their Pure Squeezed Lemonade that has just enough tang and tart. I also decided not to do layered pops, pureeing the fruit. I wanted the chunky pieces of fruit look to pop in contrast to the white juice. Perfect popsicles to enjoy while watching fireworks, you can even add a dash of alcohol to the recipe for some adult fun.


1. Fresh & Easy Pure Squeezed Lemonade
2. Fresh & Easy Organic Strawberries
3. Fresh & Easy Blueberries

1. Go to your local Fresh & Easy for all your ingredients
2. Prepare fruits by washing and cutting them to desired size
3. Pour Lemonade into popsicle mold
4. Distribute fruits evenly into the popsicle mold
5. Cut and place a plastic wrap cover onto top of mold
6. Poke popsicle sticks into place through plastic wrap
7. Freeze over night

Located in CA, NV, or AZ, check out the Fresh & Easy site to locate a store near you! 
This article is sponsored by Fresh & Easy