Mixology 101: Lillet Rose

With celebration season in full bloom, a sophisticated yet simple cocktail is a great way to add a signature note to those spring to summer parties, like a bridal/baby shower or graduation dinner. Experts at planning and hosting chic celebrations, the Garden Court Hotel introduced me to the Lillet Rose, a cocktail created for their curated 520 Chef's Table dinner. The Garden Court's 520 dinner is a recent event addition to the hotel, which invites locals and guests to experience their fabulous Chef Clive Berkman's culinary creations. An artist in love with his craft, Berkman teaches guests about the locally sourced ingredients, as well as the perfectly picked flavors, behind the cuisine that is  part of The Garden Court's event program. Beyond the amazing dishes, my favorite part of the 520 experience was the communal table setting, which created a intimate evening with great conversation.

The Lillet Rose was a ideal pick for the dinner's cocktail hour. It is an easy drink to re-create and it has a pretty presentation, making it great for any upcoming seasonal party you may be hosting. A tip from The Garden Court's mixologist, is to chill a cocktail glass before serving. For an occasion-ready presentation fill the glass with ice and then water, allowing the ice water to sit while you make the cocktail. Pour it out before you serve the drink and viola! the cocktail is at optimal sipping temperature. Also this is not a drink to let sit. For the best flavor, make when ready to drink. A tip from me, forget the typical fruit garnish and consider edible flowers (for edible flowers see here). Flowers complement the Lillet element of this drink giving it a fancy and French touch to this celebratory cocktail. I mean can it get any more simple or sweet!?

520 Chef's Table dinner is held every 3rd Thursday of the month. Reserve your spot here!


Grapefruit Juice
Edible pink rose flowers


1. Pour 2 oz of Grapefruit juice into shaker
2. Add 1 oz of Gin
3. Add 2 oz of Lillet
4. Add ice
5. Shake well and pour
6. Garnish with a pink rose

Garden Court Hotel

520 Cowper Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
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