Wore this to The City this week to a much needed rendezvous with two of my favorite gal pals. We caught up on our fashion and life projects, including all their trials and tribulations. Its crazy, the highs and lows that creative processes can take you. I've been on a wave of emotions lately, at times all in and fully ready to multi-task tons of ideas and then suddenly all I really want to do is lay on my couch with my pup and watch Sex and The City re-runs... actually I lie... HGTV is my poison of choice. Nevertheless my current journey of inspiration has been quiet an eye opener and having recently started to collaborate with more individuals, on my blog, it has led me to realize creativity is all about the journey and I should probably be worried if I wasn't restless or even worse just "satisfied". I guess this train of thought has also trickled into the bigger idea of  my LIFE journey for I have been thinking a lot about how my 20's are almost in my rear view mirror. Taking trips down memory lane have been nostalgic, yet interestingly I am re-discovering my love of things I once thought dormant, like writing poetry, even if its for my eyes only. A departure from my normal blog posts, I hope you didn't mind the small detour into my personal insights. Stay tuned as I will be sharing some exciting events I will be hosting in the next month soon!

Top: J. Crew
Purse: Vintage Coach
Skirt: Jason Wu for Target
Sandals: Vintage via Kuzak's Closet