Hairstyle: Milk Maid Braid

I love the idea of braided hairstyles for spring. Full proof for day time adventures, a Milk Maid braid is an easy up-do alternative that can give a classic t-shirt look a boho-chic touch or a fun floral top some quirky edge.

The key to perfect a Milk Maid braid is creating the right hair texture as to set the hair for ultimate hold. Thus starting with day-old washed hair, or older, is ideal but not necessary for the same texture can also be created with great products. If your situation is the later, proceed to add hair paste and hairspray to your mane, then blow dry it while combing the products through the hair. Follow this by curling the hair and then brushing the curl out. Curling it will help with the fly-away hair ends. Adding even more textured layers, separate your hair into sections and then use shampoo hairspray underneath each layer. Part hair down the middle and braid each section into two equal parts, securing each of the ends with a clear rubber band. When you're done with both braids, criss-cross the braids across your head and tuck the ends under each braid. Pin to secure. End with a finishing hairspray for extra hold. For my look, Bigsby House's hair artist Lisa gave the Milk Maid do a modern flair, choosing to use upside down French braids instead of the common pigtail braids, given my shorter coif.

Stay tuned for the full look!

Product List:
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