Spring Style: At Home with Whole Foods

Things have been non-stop for me this month and I have been finding myself lounging a little too much in my pjs while working away on my lap top all day. Winter rut anyone? Thus taking sometime to pamper myself and brighten up my little abode, I took a trip to my local Whole Foods Market for a few weekend essentials. Magazine for inspiration? CHECK. Yummy treats? CHECK. Fresh Flowers? CHECK.

Flowers are a great way to add seasonal style and Tulips are such a signature way to welcome the coming spring. Consider using them throughout the house. Some in your living room to add a pop of color. A single bulb by your bedside for a simple touch. I have a slight, what my boyfriend would call, "problem" with antique bottles (I say ample collection), which I will be using to display my Tulips. Also did you know tomorrow is International Women's Day? Tulips would be a perfect gift for that special woman in your life!

Whole Foods is having a great ONE DAY promotion today.
Snatch yourself THREE bouquets of Tulips for $10! That is 30 blooms ladies so RUN! 
Read more about the promotion on the Whole Foods Blog.

Whole Foods' Tips for Tulips:
1.  After buying tulips, cut the stem ends on an angle and place in clean, cold water.
2. Arrange tulips with or without twigs and remove any leaves that fall below the water line. Remember that the tulips will grow taller.
3. Use fresh, cold water with no additives to help them live longer.
4. Use a tall vase to support the growing stems or cut shorter for use in smaller containers.
5. Tulips prefer the cold, so keep them in a cool spot away from bright lights and heat.