DIY: Statement Smoking Slippers

Recently having lusted over a bevy of quirky and fun smoking slippers, puppy love was my inspiration for the DIY pair I decided to make. Super affordable, compared to the price of trendy designer ones, it was quiet fun creating a concept and customizing my own.
At first I was I was worried my unsteady hands would make this project a mess, but I was very surprised at how easy and fast it actually was. My biggest tip is to use both applique glue and an iron for maximum stick. The applique glue is NOT an automatic stick solution so make sure to be ready to place on the slipper and then hold in place as you iron over to secure. Thus think out where it would be best to hold it as to not iron over your fingers. OUCH! Also don't place iron directly over patch. Use something to buffer the heat like a small hand towel or fabric napkin.   
1. Smoking Slippers
2. Iron-On Patches
3. Iron
4. Applique Bond
1. Prep iron-on area by lint rolling your smoking slippers
2. Take your first iron-on patch and apply a dot of applique bond in the middle of patch
3. Center onto desired slipper area and hold patch in place
4. Iron over glued area until secured
5. Add dots of applique glue to loose edges
6. Iron over loose edges until secured
7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for second slipper