Cinnamon Rolls

Got the itch for something sweet again. Challenging myself to bake something other than the usual cakes and cookies I ventured into dough making and was pleasantly surprised with some cinnamon rolls (recipe I used here). Now don't get me wrong, I was initially a big scattered mess, apprehensive of using yeast and thus eventually my were hands stuck in a sticky flour concoction. Yet once I realized the mess was just part of the show I stopped holding my breath and just went with it. A tip from a first time dough maker, prep all the ingredients before you start tossing things into the bowl. Also the recipe calls to scald milk, not just put milk in. Try scalding a couple of times first. TRUST ME. I had a microwave full of burnt not scalded milk. LOL. Some other notes on this recipe, for the filling, mix the sugar and cinnamon with the melted butter to apply together. Lather the inside first and then as you are rolling the dough to make the "log", which will be cut into rolls, apply some more as you go. I made the mistake of doing butter only on one side and then sprinkling the sugar/cinnamon mix. It definitely didn't translate well, lacking flavor. Also the glaze wasn't my favorite. Sweet, but not in a subtle way, I think I will seek another recipe next time around. Next challenge... Chocolate Croissants!