DIY: Animal Cocktail Stirrers

This project is probably my favorite DIY project so far.  Tweaking slightly existing DIY stirrers and pick tutorials I am so happy with the final product and I think you will be too. Two important notes for this project. Both have to do with long term use. I first of all chose to use plastic stirrers instead of wood skewers as other sites suggest. I figured if I was going to make these I wanted them to be able  to be re-used, hence I would need to wash them. When washing wood versus plastic, plastic seems to be the obvious option. Now the kind of plastic stirrers. which I recommend buying, are ones that have a removable stick attachment (see here). These allow a flat top to work with. Second of all, make sure not to skip the drilling step. I actually did not do the drilling step in my first try and yes the hot glue gun works with semi-secure attachment, yet one good tug or fall to the ground and the animal WILL fall off.

I made these stirrers for the West Elm Holiday Party (see party pictures here) and they were a hit. kind of quirky, but also very chic I think a set of these would be a fun DIY project to gift  the craft cocktail-er or that fashionable hostess this Christmas season.

Cookies and Cupcakes c/o SusieCakes Menlo Park


1. Pack Of Plastic Toy Animals
2. Clear Cocktail Sticks
3. Gold Spray Paint
4. Drill & Drill Bits
5. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
6. Clear Cocktail Stirrer Sticks


1. Spray all the plastic toy animals with gold paint & allow to dry thoroughly
3. Make holes in the belly of the animals, using a drill bit that matches the width size of cocktail stirrers
4. Add a dot of hot glue onto cocktail stick and insert into pre-made hole of plastic toy animal
5. Hold together for 5 to 10 seconds until secure
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for all sticks until complete