Living In Voguestagram: October 2013

Busy as a bee, October was a whirlwind. Looking to meet some of the top Bay Area Fashion Makers, I ran from the cats (Los Gatos) to the city (San Francisco) party hopping my heart away this past month. For the first time I became a SF fashion party pro and in one week I made it to four events, two per day! I was also busy prepping the kick off a holiday season collaboration with Amanda from Kuzak's Closet, which let me tell you has been a fun journey! Don't forget to join us this Thursday November 7th at 6pm when we get a little whimsical with some wine  for the West Elm Palo Alto Anniversary Party. Also joining the fun will be Esselle SF and Apis Floral! 
I also decided I am going to start bringing my pup along to as many events as possible. A big hit, he started his "fashion party tour" this month at some Santana Row events, my favorite the C.Wonder grand opening. Stay tuned to the blog as he makes his big pictorial come back as well in his C.Wonder swag.
I scaled back this month on vintage finds, actually re-evaluating my current collections and then purging a little bit. I think its always great go through collections and edit. If your not wearing it or using it then sell it or donate it. I did score two great things this month though. Both Goodwill finds, I could not resist an amazing 70's ice bucket for $4 and a chic pair of Vince Camuto shoes for $25. Both are in immaculate shape never been used.
As I look forward to November, I know its going to be crazy but crazy good. My birthday month I cannot wait to share some good times with family and friends.