DIY: Moss Letters

How fun are these moss letters? I came upon this DIY when I was searching holiday table inspirations for the recent West Elm Palo Alto Turns 1 event last week. Our concept was the "New Heritage Collection" (see here) d├ęcor that is very rustic cabin with modern flair, using a lot of red, gold and wood tones. Thus wanting to bring in the element of forest and the overall green hue, this project alluded perfectly to both. Furthermore what I love most about this piece is that it can transition out of the holiday table into the kitchen or dinning room wall as a decorative concept as well.  

Before starting this project I have a few tips. Make sure to explore all types of preserved moss. I must have stared at the moss wall for at least 30 minutes before I went home with three different kind, for I chose to play with shades and textures. If you want the most simplest version of this project, pick the sheet moss. It is super flat and ready to just glue on like a "sheet" for easy placement and trimming. If you go my more complicated route, don't be afraid to pick apart the small clumps of moss, like reindeer moss, to make it less thick and bunched. I also advise you to hot glue away from the edges. If the glue drips over the edge and hardens trimming is a mess and you will end up with a glue border peeking out around the outline.

Make sure to hop on over to Amanda's blog, Kuzak's Closet, for her holiday DIY (visit here). Also save the date for November 21st when we will be back at West Elm Palo Alto for a holiday party where both projects will be on display.

P.S. Susie Cakes will be joining in the festive fun with some sweets!!!


1. Paper Mache Letters
2. Preserved Moss
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. 5 Hot Glue Gun Sticks
5. Scissors


1. Pick a letter to start with
2. Roughly map out placement of preserved moss pieces
3. Hot glue your biggest pieces of moss onto letter
4. Fill in the smaller empty spaces with more moss
5. Trim moss to define letter shape
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5