Work You Wardrobe

Very excited to announce today the official launch of a collaboration Living In Vogue is doing with Amanda from Kuzak's Closet for the upcoming holiday season!
Amanda is an amazing lifestyle organizing expert who specializes in in-home re-structuring and relocation along with estate clean out and sales. A miracle worker when it comes to how-to de clutter and highlight home decor gems, I am always making sure to check out her blog for around the house tips as well as when her next estate sale is.
For our Work Your Wardrobe Event we are partnering up to get your wardrobe back in order. Amanda will start by working with you to reorganize your closet. She will dedicate two hours to helping you purge, sort and then setting up an organized system that will help you gain control of your wardrobe space. Once your closet is organized, I will then spend two hours with you shopping in your own wardrobe, putting together 3-4 looks with pieces you already own. Looks can be custom tailored to upcoming events you might be attending for the holidays or we can even  make basic on-the go yet en trend looks for the fall/winter season. I will also leave you with shopping suggestions for what pieces you are missing with tips on where to buy them.
Contact me at or Amanda at to reserve your spot.
Also save the date for November 21st.  We will be hosting a fun event for all those chic home makers! Stay tuned to our blogs for details.