Living In Voguestagram: September 2013

September is always a busy month for me and this year was no exception. My baby niece turned 15 and her sister 13. WOWZA. How time flies. It was super cute taking the 13 year-old to her first "real haircut", which is a tradition I started with her older sister. She was so elated when she got some layers and an adorable side bang. My spunky one, she will definitely be a handful as she grows older, her sister, my dreamer, just simply being around her quiet sweetness reminds me to never stop looking at life with fresh eyes.
I also stopped by a handful of fashion events. My favorites being the Academy Of Sciences Nightlife, where I finally got to meet the fab TopCoat ladies, and Rue Magazine's 3rd birthday party, where the bubbly flowed alongside some of my dearest of fashion friends.
In pre-loved adventures, early in the month I made a trip to Apple Hill up near Placerville, CA and scored an amazing shabby chic dresser with original hardware at a barn sale. I was up there to send off the boy on his last race road trip of the season. Knowing he would have to pass through on his way back home, I thus kindly texted him, "BTW. Remember the picture I sent you two weeks ago of the puppy at that barn sale? Well it was her or a I bought the dresser and your gonna have to pick it up." LOL. Throughout the month, I also found a very romantic Parisian print, a cute foxy scarf and the icing on the cake was the two vintage dresses from Kuzak's Closet I will be showcasing this upcoming holiday season.
I ended the month closing out the boy's racing season out in Monterey, Ca. A change of pace from last year, I did not go to as many races so it was nice to get to see the Meen Moto crew one last time before they all went home for the year. Of course the pup, who has way more friends than I do at the track, tagged along and of course I had to take him at least one gratuitous beach picture despite his death stare. He is such my little road trip warrior. Love him.
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