Fancy Phalanges: Fall Flowers

It is very easy to put away peppier prints come the cooler months. Yet this year, moody blooms are a big must-do for fall. Floral prints can readily go dark, paring them with jewel tones or basic black. Also, don't shy away from punching up fall floral looks with some bright statement accessories for colorful contrast. I mean how amazing is this neon bow bag? Sold out online but still in stores at Ibiss Boutique, make sure to stay tuned to how I further styled these fancy phalanges, along with this purse.  This look was the inspiration for my first nail request via Topcoat, a fun nail design site that helps pair fabulous nail artists, like Pams & Kin, with fancy nail lovers, like moi! (book your look here). Completing some Daisies with a deep purple was just the thing to help me transition into the darker nail hues this month. LOVE!

Nails: Pams & Kin via Topcoat
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Purse: c/o Ibiss Boutique
(shop online store here and use code: FJF20 for 20% off your purchase)