Chocolate Birthday Cake

I recently garnered my courage, giving a second go at a chocolate cake recipe (see first cake here) for the boy's birthday, earlier this month. The original recipe was actually for cupcakes covered with a beautiful ganache glaze (get recipe here), but as my baking project took a life of its own, as it usually does, I found myself with delish cake bread, some marshmallow filling (get recipe here) and a runny chocolate blob. If I just would have stuck with cupcakes... I don't know why I have this knack for changing recipes and by knack I don't mean that as a flattering trait more just an annoying habit. I am never satisfied with just baking from point A to point B. I always find this need to experiment and in that way I am so my mother's daughter. Exhibit A in this circumstance being the chocolate soup. Till this day whenever she tells me about a recipe she came across in a magazine, there is always that "but it would be way better if I did (insert over ambitious tweak here) to it no?" Like mother, like daughter this curiosity to mix and match is what got me into the sticky yet chocolaty situation once again, yet I managed to salvaged the chocolate topping by whipping it up into a frosting. Feeling slightly defeated by the whole ordeal,  I  opted to use a pre-made decorating icing to write the whimsy birthday message for my final touch. Overall, I was quite surprised with the cute mess that turned out!