Homemade Oreos

Did you know that National Oreo Cookie Day was this month? Well color me giddy but it is a fact that Oreos are my favorite kind of cookie. Peaking my taste buds, I explored some recipes from Chocolate Chip Oreo Sandwiches to Oreo Cheesecake and ended up picking a "cookie cutter" recipe, pun intended, for a classic homemade Oreo (see here and kinda tempted to try this one here too). It is a fast and easy recipe, yet make sure to properly sift and cream for it is those steps that make a big diffrence in the consitancey of the cookie. Also for the filling part, I am still trying to figure out the right sweetness I like. I have researched diffrent suggestions and I have found a couple to try (want to make this one here). Happy Baking!