DIY: Transparent Clutch

Growing up my mother was constantly coming up with clever DIY projects to decorate the house with. But not inheriting my mother's nimble fingers, dabbling in DIY's myself can be quiet the feat. Yet recently browsing Jenni's ideas over on I Spy DIY (see here) and then encountering a must-have designer vinyl clutch on whowhatwear (see here), I decided to attempt to make my own see-through piece, referencing Honestly WTF (see here). One whole day and three tries later, I have a few recommendations. Make sure to watch that you not get glue on your fingers. Working with transparent materials makes it easy to see any glue residue. Hence make sure to take full advantage of using a brush to apply glue on needed areas. You do not need to splurge on an expensive antique brooch. I put three brooches, each snatched up at the flea market for a total of $10, together to make one. Also costume clip-on earrings can easily be made into brooches with a simple attachment of a backing. Lastly, I looked many places for a clear box. For a walk-in, ready to use, cheap buy The Container Store provides the best option (see here). That is the box pictured here in this project.

The transparent trend is hands down one of my favorite looks for this spring and this fun purse will be, without a doubt, a staple piece for warm times to come. For some more fab see-through options I picked (see here). For my last DIY project (see here).

1. Clear Box
2. Vintage Brooches
3. Clear Vinyl
4. Craft/Super Glue
5. Heavy Duty Button Snap Kit
6. Brush

1. Cut a 1 1/2 to 2 inch wide by 9 1/2 to 10 inch long vinyl strap
2. Center and attach brooches to vinyl strap and then to each other
3. Attach buttons to each end of vinyl strap
4. Glue button backs one to each side of clear box
5. Attach vinyl strap to box