Classic Carrot Cake

Easter Sunday always truly marks that start of spring for me. Family BBQs, breakfast at the Farmer's Market, and even a drive down the Halfmoon Bay coast are all things on my spring To-Do list. Bringing a bite of this seasonal goodness to my own home, I decided to bake a classic carrot cake au Easter themed and let me tell you this will now become an spring tradition.
Sticking to basics I used a simple cake to frosting recipe, see here and then got creative with the cake's look, getting inspiration for one of my favorite party blogs, Oh Happy Day, see here. A couple of tips for baking and decorating. Make sure to allow each layer to cool down before you unmold it because this cake will crumble. For the icing tint and garnish, I used basic food coloring to get a light pastel orange hue and for the speckled eggs I had an even simpler solution, store bought Easter themed Whoppers. Happy Egg Hunting Folks!