Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies

Gimme some sugar! Valentine's is always a great excuse to bake up a sugary treat for your loved ones. Yet, an easy day to get carried away with all the fluff, keep your recipe simple and sweet instead. Remember, it's the thought that counts! 
I went with a quick sugar cookie recipe (see here). Playing with all different size hearts, I also filled some with delish strawberry jam, au Francias, Bonne Maman. The hardest part of this dessert repertoire was baking the cookies to their appropriate timing. If you leave them in too long, even just for a few more seconds than required, they become uber hard and brittle. I suggest that at the 8 minute mark, make a quick check of how baked the bottom side of the cookie is. The bottom needs to barely be turning brown, if so take it out to cool. Also note that the cookies with the cut-outs do cook quicker than their counterparts. Hope your day of love is lovely!
For another strawberry recipe, with a mexican twist, see here