Polka Dots and Paisley

This summer has been non-stop and as I gather myself over the next two weeks (Well now only a week. AH!) I can only brace myself for my last whirlwind set of travels, which will most likely include lavish beach time and possibly truck stop showers (I know, I know, quiet the contradiction. Stay Tuned) Thus trying to make it to some fab fashion events in the in between time I found myself magnetically drawn (This has been scientifically proven. I promise.) to the brand spankin new kate spade new york store at Santana Row. If you haven't already gathered by now, I love/live in color and kate spade is nothing short of color explosion. From the launch party I brought home with me the signature spade-shaped ring. I love how sometimes the simplest things can make you happy. Pairing the dainty spade with a vintage flower piece, I now wear it everyday. Read all about the new Santana Row store in my Examiner.com Style Column: Kate Spade Santana Row Launch.

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Dress: H&M, Pumps: Cathy Jean (also seen here and here)
Rings: Vintage Avon, Kate Spade, Clutch: f21 
Statement Necklace: J. Crew (similar here)

Apple Cinnamon Mini - Cheesecakes

I was bitten by the cheesecake bug recently, as the summer sun had me craving a sweet yet cool comfort dessert (see another great one here). Not quiet sure what flavors to explore I ended up using cinnamon as my base flavor, picking and choosing complementing parts to the cinnamon cheesecake foundation. I also made the cake into bite-size petit fours as to easy the indulging guilty. The hardest endeavor of the three part cake was selecting and then making the compote, which I recommend oven baking if you are stove-top challenged such as I am. I also advise adding some graham cracker crumbs to the compote for some extra crunch.

For the recipes I used visit: Cinnamon Mini-Cheesecakes,