Here are some snapshots of my lovely trip to Braselton, Georgia. With limited me-time, stumbling upon little antique shops made my trip worth-while, cute cat and all. As for breakfast at Waffle House, need I say more than YUMMMMMMMM!

Places To Antique:

1. Countryside Antiques - 115 Harrison Street, Braselton, GA 3051
2. Braselton Antique Mall - 5134 Hwy. 53, Braselton, Georgia 30548

Georgia Peach

My whirlwind trip to Georgia was nothing short of fun and I have much to tell. There honestly is something about the south that I love and I don't know if its driving along the winding country roads, windows down with  the radio blaring, or the classic charm of its locals, full of their  "ma'ams" and "sweethearts", but its quiet a refreshing change of west coast pace. Despite the madness at the track, I was able to escape here and there, even unexpectedly pulling over at a town square yard sale. Its during these adventures where I find my best picks and let me tell you I brought me home a vintage Dooney and Bourke, in mint shape, for a steal. After double checking tags, stitching and such I was sold. "In love" would be an understatement, for this is my first designer vintage purse piece in my wardrobe. Thus it was only right that I added it to my Georgia peach inspired outfit and if I do say so myself it complemented it perfectly (see my outfit inspiration board here).  XOXO. Will share my trip in snapshots next.

Button-Up: J.Crew (similar here), Lace Skirt: H&M,
Pumps: Aldo (similar here and also seen here), Belt: J.Crew
Cross-Body Satchel: Vintage Dooney Bourke (snag one here)

Trending: Retro Sunnies

1. Retro - Mango - $32.00
2.. Selima Sun - J.Crew - $128.00
3. Olive Sunglasses - Monik - $13.00

Sunny days are here again and as I enjoy this sweet spring weather, I have been captivated by all the fun retro sunnies that are popping up from designer to discount. When it comes to plastic throwbacks, chunky is the name and funky is the game. Here are three of my favorite fun picks I would love to rock.

Weekend Best

Sometimes I long for the normal-ities in life. You know? The white picket fence. The 9 to 5. The yearly vacation. As I drove around this weekend numb from doing errands, aka making marketing calls aka dry cleaning the race team shirts aka managing social media details, I had a moment. A stoplight sideshow, I caught myself staring at a young man, his wife, their parents, in their weekend best, laughing in the quaint garden of thier adorable house, sun setting, on the way out for an evening on the town. A sudden wave of emotions, I, many of times, long for the appeal of the common couple, full of Sunday brunch, instead of Sunday race time crunch. Middle-Class monotony, I envy you and, for at least a moment, this weekend I joined you. The calm before the storm, the boy and I seized our Sunday funday, simply stopping for a second to soak in the sun. An hour at the dog park, a trip to the candy store and an afternoon nap, these are some of my favorite things.

Blouse: H&M, Skirt: Thrifted via Crossroads, Bow Belt: J.Crew
Coat: H&M (also seen here), Pumps: Cathy Jean (also seen here)
Cross-Body Bag: Vintage via Crossroads
Namesake Necklace: Script-Craft (also seen here)

Packing For: Southern Sweetness


Can we say A to the T to the L. Quiet a turn of last minute plans, I will be heading to the south next week, visiting the state of Georgia. The boys will be riding Road Atlanta and I have been summoned for moral and of course social media/public relations support. Last year, my first full year diving into my style blog and fashion writing, I stepped back for a minute and did not go with the team to many away races, focusing on my own projects. Yet missing those days and achieving some basic lifestyle balance, or at least I would like to think so, I am ready to get back into the all-boys and all-bikes weekends, but fully taking advantage of exploring my stylish surroundings as well. Having done some research, I long for the old south and am excited that the race track is near a quaint town with many antiquing areas. As for the packing... well although I will be working around asphalt most of the time, I hope to wear some sweet southern inspired duds at some point. Therefore, turning to my secret TV show pleasure, Hart Of Dixe, I slapped together an outfit board with a taste of my favorite character wardrobe, Lemon Breeland. Looking for a little bit of class and a little bit of sweetness, anyone have any suggestions of what to do in Atlanta, Georgia?   

Ora et Labora Chic

Let me start by saying, there were numerous reasons why I was inspired to get into a school girl chic get up and none of them have to do with a boy. The first being that the best times of my life were hands down my all-girl, catholic, high school years, a la Notre Dame San Jose. Carefree and empowered, a lot of who I am was discovered in those classrooms and halls. Style was no exception. Baby blue Pumas, knee-high socks, yellow tie and all, I adored my uniform. Sigh. If I could still fit in its tiny self. Thus an ode to my school girl days, I planned my ensemble around a school-esque vintage necktie, I fell in love with, when I spotted it on Ninna Lu Etsy. I paired the necktie with a pastel blue button up for some dainty detail and then added some edge with a faux leather skirt and a modern bootie that echoed the gray in the tie. For a little more naughty than nice, I finished my look by accessorizing my fingers with some high-glam knuckle rings.

Now for the second reason I presume? Well, I recently found out, to my delight, that my niece will be continuing the Notre Dame tradition, attending next school year. You see it was 13 years ago, when I myself was 13 and on my way to Notre Dame, when she was born. I, the youngest of 4 by 10 years, my oldest sister herself was 13 as well when I arrived into this world. Did I loose you with the numbers? Its my sister +13, me +13, my niece +13.....WHOA there...Now hold on a minute... no baby here! I know. I know. Who am I to break tradition, but I assure  you the pup will do for now. But nevertheless, the constant age gap has made for the best of reflections from one generation to the other and I so far I have successfully passed on my love for Jane Austen. So I say, yay for classic novels! yay for re-living high school memories! and see you soon at the 10 year reunion my ND ladies! Ora et Labora! Hail Notre Dame! 

Blouse: f21 (also seen here), Faux Leather Skirt: f21 via Crossroads
 Booties: Steve Madden (also seen here)
Necktie: Vintage via Ninna Lu, Retro School Bag: Vintage via Out of Print Vintage,
Rings: H&M, f21

Trending: Aztec Pink

1. River Island Aztec Clutch - Asos- $44.76
2. Kiersten - Bakers - $69.99
3. Colorful Striped Elastic Belt - LYLIF - $18.00
4. This Way Cuff - Anthroplogie - $48.00

It was love at first sight when I came upon the concept of Aztec Pink. Taking me back to my, flare jean, multi-color, beaded, flower choker, hemp friendship bracelet, hippe teenage days, I am a lover of any bright woven print piece. Thus when Leslie Bibb wore neon pink pumps with this little skater number, on The Kelly Morning Show, I was obsessed. Not being able to justify the over $100 dollar price tag, I have been scouring the web for soothing substitutes that can be seen above. Which is your favorite pick?