DIY: Colored Cap-Toe Pumps

My recent obsession with pointy, colored cap-toe pumps is no joke. Always a true fan of the stiletto heel with the elongated front, I was over joyed when I initially spotted them in pictures, runway and bloggers alike. As I scoured the web, for the perfect nude pair, I stumbled upon the cap-toe effect, a new twist on the classic style. "Pinning" (see here) drool-worthy designer duds, I got to thinking, "Might I just be able to salvage an old pair, DIYing this latest trend?" Applying the spray paint equation (FabSugar's DIY Clutch inspiration see here) to my go-to, black pumps that had scuffed points, Viola! I got me some snazzy new feet candy. Easy as pie, I suggest you run to your closet, nearest Goodwill or local Crossroads Trading Co., and re-vamp some pre-loved, pointed puppies ASAP. For how, see steps below:

Step 1: You will need a multi-purpose cleaner, spray paint, painter's tape and newspaper.

Step 2: Clean the area to be spray painted and let dry.

Step 3: Tape off all areas not be spray painted, with attention to width and angle. Do not forget the tiny strip of sole along sides. Also recommended, cover the whole shoe with newspaper for extra prevention of paint transfer to non-desired areas.

Step 4: Spray paint and allow to dry well. Repeat this step two more times or until desired color and finish is achieved.

Step 5: Peel the tape of slowly and carefully, going back over with the solvent to clean-up excess painted areas if needed.
Step 6: Take theses puppies for a test drive.

My first original DIY project, I am amazed at how well they turned out! Okay. Okay. I have to admit, the boy did the spray painting. For if I would have dabbled, I am certain I would be showing you pictures of pumps full of globs of gold, in splotches. How am I so convinced? Well it was Christmas of 92' when I got a miniature mall and I was so impatient I botched the permanent sticker decals. Usually my then teenage brother’s forte, given his perfectionist nature, my hastiness left me crushed.I assure you, as I held the spray paint in hand, way to excited for my own good, oddly enough, it was these flashbacks that snapped some sense into me. Thus the endless days and nights the boy spent spray painting his motorcycle, on his front lawn (Gawd I know he's gonna hate me for leaking this. To his credit, he didn't know any better. LOL), I new the boy was ready for the pump project and he looked cute doing it. Gotta love a boy who knows his motorcycles and his Manolos. Stay tuned for my outfit post this week when I rock these bad boys! 

Denim Statements

Having a mini girls night out last Friday, I swung by Simply Smashing Boutique for the Lotus Premium Denim Lounge. Loving not only the quality of the product but what the brand stands for as well, I must say, I have never owned a pair of straight leg jeans, sans alterations, that have fit, my 5 inch self, any better. Thinking up an ensemble, I wanted to pair them with some affordable, but chic, duds that would highlight the fit and wash. Both of which are key elements that make the right pair of designer denim a splurge-worthy wardrobe item. Thus I went with two, key, bargain, statement pieces, for statement pieces, at any price, are a great way to dress-up denim. From  H&M, I threw on a gold sweater that I found last week, for a steal, at only $10 dollars. Au Payless BOGO, I completed the look with a fab pair of color block heels, which cost $35 dollars original price, only $15 dollars after BOGO savings. Moi BOGO? Yes! Funny story, a couple Saturday's ago I went to my local mall to return some shirts and, the true savings seeker I am, I wandered into Payless to peak at what they were carrying for Spring. Making my way to the size 5 isle, tiny feet running in the family and all, I literally bumped into my mom who was browsing, while my dad was looking for his pair of small black shoes (when I say small, I mean "I fit into my dad's socks" small). Long story short, my 27 year-old self had a 13 year-old moment, and my sweet dad insisted on buying me my pair of color block heels via BOGO deal. Thus from deals to denim, the perfect pair of designer jeans can certainly take fab frugal finds to the next style level.

For More About Lotus Premium Denim Check Out My Style Column!

Sweater: H&M, Jeans: c/o Lotus Premium Denim, Shoes: Fioni for Payless
Bag: Dooney Bourke (also seen here), Necklace: Exclusively.In
Wrist Candy: Ibiss, J.Crew, Anthroplogie, Vintage Fusion (also seen here)

Forget-Me-Not Fuschia

I would have to say that Fuchsia is one of my mother's favorite colors, pushing me to wear it, as a young girl, probably a little too much. Maybe that is why I subconsciously avoided the shade for years after, despite the fact that, in retrospect, I do now realize that it does do wonders for my skin complexion. The shade recently re-surfacing as a topic of conversation, due to the search of bridesmaid attire for my brother's wedding, I have come to re-think the hue, welcoming some pieces into my wardrobe.

Fave New Purchase: H&M Fish Tail Blouse

 Oldie but Goodie: Jessica Simpson Metallic Pumps

Latest Goodwill Fab Find: Classic J.Crew Coat

By the way, have I mentioned I will be the Best Man in my brother's wedding? Well Hot-Diggity-Dog, guess what? I AM the Best Man in my brother's wedding and so in love with the concept. The 12 years difference, between my brother and I, make us quiet the pairing. He is the Snoopy to my Woodstock and I am the Piglet to his Pooh. It would be an understatement to say we are inseparable, talking multiple times a day via phone. Although, now to think of it, as of late, his dialings have been no short of groomzilla. (Disclaimer #1: The best man is NOT obligated to make it easy for the groom, but rather give him a hard time, till day of wedding) Mind you, he also met his future wife, on my birthday, at my party, hijacking my special day. (Disclaimer #2: When a couple hijacks an individual's special day, children will be subjected to comments such as "You know you wouldn't exist if it were not to for me"). All shenanigans aside, I do hope to, as the infamous Barney Stinson would say, "suit-up" a la rehearsal dinner, fitting the Best Man agenda. Of course, make sure to stay tuned for the Kodak moments.

P.S. Thanks Helena for disclaimer #2. XOXO.

Bubble Gum and Sunshine

Happy week of love y'all! I got in the mood, this Valentine's Day, color-blocking some of my favorite vintage pieces. Both re-worked masterpieces, what I am most smitten with, about both shirt and skirt, is that they have a subtle classic print, which I can mix and match with so many other colors and styles in my wardrobe.

As we are on the topic of bringing old to new, let me tell you, I have resolved to get a bit more personal on my blog, letting my lovely loyal readers in on some of my history, as well as my present thoughts. Am I hesitant? Yes. But, I am also excited to where this might lead my blog to. Thus with that said, relationships are what I got on my mind as of late. Not so much of the black and white, but the grey that happens to grow as we get older. You see, when I was in my early twenties, I thought I would be married by 23, kids by 26 and how old am I now? you ask, 27. Don't me wrong now, it is not the fact that I am not all those things that has me quiet jilted with love but more that I am so confused about not wanting those things right now. It scares me to think of having all those things and then "falling out of love" or realize, even worse, there was never an "in love". I see so many people around me that seem so sure. Yet, so many as well that seem to pretend to be so sure. But then what do I really know about love anymore, for if there is only one thing that I am certain of is that 6 years and counting, my learning to love, has just scratched the surface. 

 Pink Button-Up: Vintage via Silver Leaf Antiques Estate Sale (also seen here)
Yellow Skirt: Re-worked vintage via Killer Styling, Clutch: American Apperal
 Gladiator Wedges: Aldo (similar here), Bow Belt: f21 (also seen here and similar here)
Necklace: J. Crew w/Vintage Bow Clip via Crossroads Trading Co.
Wrist Candy: J. Crew, Anthropologie, Ibiss, Vintage Fusion,
Love Ring: Pink Stripes Boutique (similar here)

Dressing Up Denim

Putting away the color combos for a minute, I decided to dabble in dressing-up some denim, seeking to create some classic but casual style. Mind you, other than jeans, I do not have any denim pieces and frankly I never gravitate towards such items. So taking it slow, I invested in a timeless denim top, for my first attempt. Still wanting some statement color, I reserved a pop of red for the lips and paired my new, dark-wash, button-up with my favorite, black, pocket skirt. For a vintage touch, I added a Carmel-colored, envelope, purse that can be carried cross-body as well as toted around via handle. I found this darling discovery at Black & Brown, a Downtown San Jose thrift boutique I recently explored for the first time. Locally owned, its selection of vintage to modern is well picked and sorted, making it easy to shop at great pre-loved prices. Stop by sometime!

Denim Button-Up: H&M, Skirt: Everly
Envelope Satchel: Vintage via Black & Brown, Wedges: Coach (also seen here)
Belt: Thrifted via Goodwill, Wrist Candy: Anthropologie, J. Crew, Ibiss
Lipstick: MAC So Chaud

Valentine's Style Inspiration

Pastel and Camel


Pop Of Color

Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is next week and I cannot wait to sport some sweet style. Red is often any easy go-to color for many Valentine's day go-ers, yet this season of amour don't forget to also consider the two P's, Pink and Purple. Mixing it up a bit, here are three chic ensemble combinations, worthy of some lady love.  

Pottery Pieces

Indulging myself with a Pepsi at 9 am, I strolled the De Anza Flea Market, solo this weekend. Don't get me wrong I do love company when picking, but sometimes some of my best buying happens when I have only the voice in my head to guide me. This was delightfully one of those trips, coming home smitten, with a handful of perfect pottery pieces. I had originally set out in search of classic painted china dinnerware, for I recently went on a purging rampage, practically emptying my kitchen cabinets. Yet after falling head over heels with a $15 dollar stoneware crock pot, it has suddenly become clear that my new plates will be centered around a rustic pottery pallet.   

Baby Blues

Recently, I tragically realized my closet lacked pastel pieces. Thus I decided to challenge myself and embrace the softer shades of the color spectrum. As I set out in search of a hue, which would complement my complexion, I fell head over heals with a baby blue button up that had tiny pearl detailing. Determined to plan an outfit around the fabulous find, I also welcomed into my wardrobe, a Parisian blue bangle, from one of my favorite local Bay Area boutiques, Simply Smashing. Accenting both pieces, I added a funky polka dot skirt and a fun oversized satchel, staying within the same color family. Love, Love, Love this pastel pallet!

Blouse: f21, Skirt: H&M, Satchel: ModCloth (also seen here)
Belt: J. Crew (similar here) , Pumps: Steve Madden (also seen here), Necklace: Vintage
Wrist Candy: J. Crew, Ibiss, Simply Smashing, Anthropologie