Collateral Doggage January Outtakes

Collateral Doggage- n. Unintentional or accidental style comma to a dog that would not be a lawful fashionista target, in the circumstances ruling at the time. The phrase is prevalently used as an euphemism for a dog of a fashion action.

January 1st officially marked one year since Mr. Oliver came into my life. Big-eared, smelly and with quiet the pot-belly, I never imagined a little runt of the litter could bring me so much unconditional love. My running partner, my fashion model, my taste tester, Mr. Oliver, is most of all, one of the best parts of my heart. In celebration of this month, Mr. Oliver joined me in my cape crusade (see here) and rocked his own spring interpretation of a dreamcape.

Bow Tie: Gypsy Tailor,  Khaki Cape: Martha Stewart

Tres Leches Cupcake in a Jar

I must admit, it has been a while since my last dessert post. A bit discouraged by a series of bad baking projects, I have been hesitant to embark on another one so soon. Yet when I saw this Tres Leches recipe on Pintrest, it sound so delish I had to throw caution to the wind.  Don't laugh at me now, but just locating the three milks, at the supermarket, was slightly daunting for me. I mean, it has been only recently that I have had the courage to attempt to make anything from scratch and staying true to form, for this recipe, I of course went through nine eggs, when only three eggs were required. (Let just say, separating egg whites from egg yolks is not my forte.) Nevertheless despite the slight set-backs, I was pleasantly surprised when these moist cupcakes came out baked to perfection, in my Weck jars. Lastly, craving a little more zing, instead of frosting the cupcakes like the original recipe, I complemented the sweet treat with a dollop of locally grown, strawberry goodness.

For the recipes I used visit: Tres Leches Cupcakes and Strawberry Compote.

Technicolor Dreamcape

I have always been more of a peacoat kinda girl, thus when the cape trend took this fall/winter by storm you can imagine I was a bit stumped. For months I refused to give into a look I did not find quite flattering or at all my style, yet when I laid my eyes of this particular cape (check out here) and then found a similar one on sale, I was converted. I guess, the lesson to learn here is that trends are just jumping points. Not all trends are for everyone, therefore pick, choose and customize trends to fit your particular style. Be patient and shop, shop, shop until you find the piece that screams you. This technicolor dreamcape had me at color-blocked primary stripes.

Cape: Pendelton via Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Jeans: Bullhead for PacSun, Wedges: Steve Madden (similar here), Clutch: American Apparel
Wrist Candy: J. Crew, Anthroplogie, Ibiss, Vintage

Trending: Step Into Color-Blocking

1. Asos Bitten - $134.29

The color-blocking trend, which took last summer by storm, has returned to us this spring with a twist (see here). Instead of mixing colorful separates, combining a patchwork of bright hues, on a single piece, is a must-do. What I love about this tweaked trend is that it is fueling the creation of amazing, accessory, statement pieces that can transform a little black dress or a simple white-tee with jeans. Here are my top three color-blocking, foot candy picks I can't wait to get my feet in.

Tart Touches

It must be no secret by now that my current obsession with neon is out of control. Surprisingly, I had never really considered this pallet of colors, despite my love of bright hues. Yet, as I set out this weekend to the San Jose Crossroads Trading Co.'s re-grand opening party, celebrating its expanded location, I found it only fitting to sport the fluorescent orange, J. Crew belt, I acquired earlier that week, at the store. For a little color-blocking fun, I added a lime green cross-body satchel, completing the basic black ensemble. With both tangy touches for under $25.00, they are just the things to bring me some summer solace as I await the warm days to come.

Dress: f21 (also seen here), Belt: J.Crew via Crossroads Trading Co. (similar here)
Bag: Target, Pumps: Guess
Lips: MAC So Chaud (also seen here)

Trending: Neon Necessities

As many of you probably have noticed, neon is back with a vengeance for S/S 2012. This tart color pallet might leave some of you with a sour taste in your mouth, given many of us were only middle-schoolers when Technicolor spandex graced us with its presence, on bodily areas that without a doubt scarred us for life. But this ain't your momma's neon ladies, these vivid hues are re-vamped and taking a punch at modern lines. For those still understandably weary of this trend, accessories are a great way to try incorporating neon, without committing to too much. Here are some of my tangy, cross-body satchel, picks, sure to brighten any ensemble, a la 80's style.

Beauty Basics

I have been exploring beauty ventures lately, hastily attempting to step out of my unwavering routine. From skin regiment to make-up habits, I have at this point, quiet proudly I might add, streamlined my ritual to custom fit my needs. Yet, recently tempted to dabble in some lipstick leverage, I have been re-discovering beauty interests, seeking to increase my arsenal of timeless tips, while dabbling in some time-passing trends. But before all the experimenting begins, starting with a good foundation is essential. Thus here are three beauty products, I live by, day in and day out, that do just the thing for my facial pallet.

Pastel Purple Pony Print

Enjoying the sunny Californian weather, the boy and I took a Sunday stroll, down the Half Moon Bay coast, this weekend. The adventure had initially ensued in seek of a seafood sandwich, which I had tasted via The Sam's Chowder House mobile food truck. The delish dish journey was worth the drive yet we also detoured downtown, finding tiny thrift treasures. As for Mr. Oliver, the pup being quiet the seasoned beach-goer, he also loved his day in the sun, prancing around and chasing drift wood in the sand. Keeping the sandy yet sunny steps in mind, I threw on some basic boots and skirt. For some pastel pop, I added a sea green satchel and a purple pony print button-up.

Button-Up: Anthropologie, Skirt: F21
Boots: Target, Satchel: Modcloth

Vintage Ventures 101

Inevitably, my antiquing adventures have recently led me to vintage ventures, but trust me it did not happen over-night. Afraid to dabble in the garment hunt, it was countless times I passed over racks, full of fabulous finds, overwhelmed by the selection process. I mostly did not trust myself to truly come home with one-of-a-kind authentic pieces and be simply stuck with old clothes. (Mind you, I did the first two times) Yet, once I scored my first designer piece, I came to realize it was all a matter of editing and gut instinct. If you find yourself as I did, itching to hunt but scared of the aftermath, I have a couple of tips for you to easy your worries.

1. Shop Like It's New: When you first start your hunt, grab anything that catches your eye. Don't worry about labels. Look out more for wear and tear and sizing. You do not want to get stuck with anything that will cost a bundle to alter or clean.

2. Edit By Material Quality: Go through your picks and look closely at the type of materials the pieces are made of. Stick to good threads. I like silk and leather pieces.

3. Edit By Label:  Look at the brands. Don't expect to go home with designer names on everything, but do keep eyes-pealed for well-known labels. This will help you to get to know the vintage brands you love and what to look for on your next hunt.

4. Listen To Your Gut Feeling: After editing your pile, by the garments' facts, ask yourself, is this really my style? Yes, it is one-of-a-kind, but is it your one-of-a-kind? You know what is in your wardrobe and if it will fit in.

My most recent vintage find came in the form of  pink crushed-velvet. Betsey Johnson circa 1980's, I nabbed it for only $7 dollars. Happy Hunting!

For a look at how I styled my Pink Polka Dot Button-Up take a look at My Post:

Carmel and Gold

Started the New Year by adding some red lips to my life. Spotting this "Shocking Pucker" trend on a handful of my favorite bloggettes, I figured NYE was a good time than ever to paint the town, well given my skin tone, persimmon. Also, sticking with my plan to sparkle sparingly, I built my ensemble around bold, gold accessories. For a smidgen of rocker chic, I infused the outfit with fave faux leather mini. Happy 2012 Folks!

Blouse: H&M, Faux Leather Skirt: f21 via Crossroads, Glitter Pumps: Bakers
Belt: f21, Purse: Vintage via Crossroads, Wrist Candy: Anthropologie, Ibiss, J.Crew
Lips: MAC So Chaud