Twenty Twelve

As I look back on the whirlwind that was 2012, what can I say but... what a year! I certainly did not expect to travel as much as I did and I certainly did not expect meet all the new lovely people I now call friends, but what a pleasant surprise it was when I let all those new experiences in.

Thus all and all, I must tell you, that this year has taught me a valuable lesson on how to throw caution to the wind sometimes and not worry too much about what is next. By nature, I have always been more of a dreamer taking life, what some might call, a little too carefree. But even with all that gusto for the the lax life, I now know that I never truly understood what it meant to live in the moment, much less live that moment to its fullest. But as I sang at full lung capacity, while running down unknown roads earlier this year around the country, I realized that if you open your eyes and are just present with the blessing that is in every sunrise to sunset, there is beauty in being fully present, with oneself in new adventures. When you let life in... the possibilities are endless.

As I look forward to what is to come, I cannot wait for a new year full of new endeavors to fill my memory bank with. Starting 2013 with a bang, I will debut a new blog name tomorrow and I hope you will join me on my new journey full of style and sass. XOXO!