Sweet Sailing

Yes, I know. Boo on me for no posts, but I felt I had been loosing steam and had to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. With that said, I must note this year has felt quiet special, with more ups than downs (this blog being a big up). It was with these ups in perspective that I found myself smiling when I recently stumbled upon a great article titled, The 27 Year-Old Woman. A 1999 throwback piece from Esquire magazine, I became enthralled with the voice that echoed back at me. It echoed words I had many of times tried to express over this last year. They are words that express a sentiment, which can only be described as the  "air of je ne se quoi" that a 27 year-old woman , of this "certain age", seems to carry with her like a force field. It cannot be taught, it cannot be rushed, it just happens. Thus I cannot tell you exactly when I started to feel strikingly confident in my "aged skin", for it seems like just yesterday the boy was yelling at me when I would exclaim, "I am getting old!".   I also cannot tell you that I don't still sulk in front of the mirror when I cannot zip up my favorite dress or I get scared at the thought of being responsible for a little ones life, but I can tell you do take the time to know who you are and more importantly do take the time to know who you want to be. Age is but a number, but that age also brings insight, insight to realize that when you love yourself, you can be the best version of who you can be. As I say bye to year 27, I cannot wait to enjoy what sweet sailing is to come.

Chambray Blouse: H&M (also seen here)
Nautical Skirt: Vintage via Black & Brown
Statement Bow Bracelet: H&M, Pumps: DIY (see here)
Purse: Vintage via Crossroads (also seen here and here)