Tropical Edge

Its been high heat here in Cali, making it perfect weather for some tropical summer nights full of amazing adventures with fun friends. Despite the heavy travels, unlike past race seasons, the in between times have been filled with race family reunions, including playing host in my own home. What can I tell you about my race family? Saying they are my support system, would be an understatement. My life line, is more like it. It takes a unique kind of person to deal with the madness that can take place on and off the track and when you find yourself leaning on one another, what starts as a moment of comfort becomes a lifetime of friendships. This year has been quiet the adventure and this coming weekend I will feel like quiet the mother hen seeing old family and new family work as one. Thus you must excuse me as I get a bit sentimental,  its been a long journey for the boy, and I am sincerely grateful for the people who I have learned to love, as my own, along the way. XOXO.

Blouse: Vintage via Black and Brown, Leather Skirt: Thrifted
Purse: Ibiss, Shoes: Xhiliration, Collar Necklace: Vintage