Red, White and Blue

The 4th is very dear and near to my heart for its the day the boy and I will always remember as the beginning to our story. 20 and wide-eyed, the series of run-ins that lead to our coincidental beach rendezvous, 7 years ago, was nothing short of  boy-girl meet cute. Our social life surrounded by couples, our mutual acquaintances were determined to fit us into their mold, yet somehow never with each other. It was only by chance we kept on bumping into one another, he with his naive boyish confidence, me with my pretended girlish indifference. Hence it is only now that he openly admits that when I did not remember his name, after the third run-in, he only falsely professed he did not know mine either. In many ways we have grown-up with each other, although back than we thought we had life all figured out. At the risk of sounding too cliche, if we only knew back then what we know now. The ups the downs, the tears the laughs, all pieces of a puzzle still not yet complete, but worth the wait to see the whole picture.

As for the ensemble, you may be asking, you might be surprised to know that I am mostly a t-shirt and jean wearing kinda gal during the work week, keeping a low profile at my day job. This feeling a little casual on this holiday, I threw on my favorite pair of jeans, LPD's of course, and dressed them up with some polka dots and peplum. Attempting some more red in my life, I finished the look with some recent pre-loved store finds, a wool blazer and some oh so cute candy cane pumps. I've never been to crazy about the color red but I decided its time to give it a chance. XOXO.

Blouse: H&M, Denim: Lotus Premium Denim
Blazer: Vintage, Pumps: Perry Ellis via Black and Brown
Statement Bracelet: Free People, Clutch: Vintage