Neon Lace

Embracing my grown-up self, I made my way to my high school reunion this past weekend, in some neon style. I cannot believe its been 10 years... yes, I said 10... yikes!... since I have seen some of the wonderful ladies that I spent my youth with, but I was happy to see that their humble and sweet dispositions were still intact. Given the significant milestone, I thought it only proper to honor the occasion with a fun cocktail dress. This particular neon number had been tucked away in my closet for a bit now, but the sudden summer heat made it the perfect pick. Pink, lace, polka dots... oh my! Quiet the combo already, I paired the piece with some Aztec print heels (for more inspiration see here) and an over-sized navy clutch. 

Anywho, now that we are on the topic of growns people talk, let me tell you that my mother held no qualms last week, when "factually" stating that 30 is the cut-off for child bearing years. If you want to cut something off, lets start at my ears please! I do not need to hear any words about sticky little hands and dirty little feet anytime soon. I mean, of course I want children and the whole bit, but no sudden timelines here yet. Nevertheless, beyond her marriage, children and such speech, I can't help but love that woman, for she has quiet the knack for articulating phrases such as "your getting old", without actually having the three words come out of her mouth. Talent, I tell you. So what was my response, you ask? " Ma... Haven't you heard? 30's the new 20!" LOL. You should have seen her face. XOXO.

Dress: Asos, Heels: Steve Madden (similar here)
Statement Necklace: Vintage,  
Over-Sized Clutch: Vintage (also seen here)