Junk Therapy: Bar Cart

Forgive me for my lack of posting, I miscalculated the "in between" race weekends and let's just say I got to "de-stress" for two days and then the hoopla came like sudden a ton of bricks. Luckily my travel was limited this time, thus my days to take a breather were spent sleeping and well doing a little bit of what I am going to call "Junk Therapy". Some back story, I am a relative newbie to shabby chic projects and  have made the mistake of being over ambitious on other interior design endeavors (see here). Thus I had to muster my confidence when I found this old garden cart, which I immediately knew I needed because of my recent obsession of this blog post by Stylekoo. A garage sale steal, all I used was sand paper and spray paint to bring this rusted planter cart back to life. When accessorizing the cart I was elated that I could finally bring to light all my vintage glassware finds. I also chose to make my bar cart sans liquor for who said bar carts are reserved only for libations? On that note... tea time anyone? A lover of all things tea, iced and cold, some of my favorite details, I was able to embellish my cart with are, a set of gold leaf Turkish style tea cups, ceramic lemon and lime baskets, a rock candy jar, and of course my vintage, an antique wooden-box filled with Chai packets. Cheers!