Packing For: Southern Sweetness


Can we say A to the T to the L. Quiet a turn of last minute plans, I will be heading to the south next week, visiting the state of Georgia. The boys will be riding Road Atlanta and I have been summoned for moral and of course social media/public relations support. Last year, my first full year diving into my style blog and fashion writing, I stepped back for a minute and did not go with the team to many away races, focusing on my own projects. Yet missing those days and achieving some basic lifestyle balance, or at least I would like to think so, I am ready to get back into the all-boys and all-bikes weekends, but fully taking advantage of exploring my stylish surroundings as well. Having done some research, I long for the old south and am excited that the race track is near a quaint town with many antiquing areas. As for the packing... well although I will be working around asphalt most of the time, I hope to wear some sweet southern inspired duds at some point. Therefore, turning to my secret TV show pleasure, Hart Of Dixe, I slapped together an outfit board with a taste of my favorite character wardrobe, Lemon Breeland. Looking for a little bit of class and a little bit of sweetness, anyone have any suggestions of what to do in Atlanta, Georgia?