Ora et Labora Chic

Let me start by saying, there were numerous reasons why I was inspired to get into a school girl chic get up and none of them have to do with a boy. The first being that the best times of my life were hands down my all-girl, catholic, high school years, a la Notre Dame San Jose. Carefree and empowered, a lot of who I am was discovered in those classrooms and halls. Style was no exception. Baby blue Pumas, knee-high socks, yellow tie and all, I adored my uniform. Sigh. If I could still fit in its tiny self. Thus an ode to my school girl days, I planned my ensemble around a school-esque vintage necktie, I fell in love with, when I spotted it on Ninna Lu Etsy. I paired the necktie with a pastel blue button up for some dainty detail and then added some edge with a faux leather skirt and a modern bootie that echoed the gray in the tie. For a little more naughty than nice, I finished my look by accessorizing my fingers with some high-glam knuckle rings.

Now for the second reason I presume? Well, I recently found out, to my delight, that my niece will be continuing the Notre Dame tradition, attending next school year. You see it was 13 years ago, when I myself was 13 and on my way to Notre Dame, when she was born. I, the youngest of 4 by 10 years, my oldest sister herself was 13 as well when I arrived into this world. Did I loose you with the numbers? Its my sister +13, me +13, my niece +13.....WHOA there...Now hold on a minute... no baby here! I know. I know. Who am I to break tradition, but I assure  you the pup will do for now. But nevertheless, the constant age gap has made for the best of reflections from one generation to the other and I so far I have successfully passed on my love for Jane Austen. So I say, yay for classic novels! yay for re-living high school memories! and see you soon at the 10 year reunion my ND ladies! Ora et Labora! Hail Notre Dame! 

Blouse: f21 (also seen here), Faux Leather Skirt: f21 via Crossroads
 Booties: Steve Madden (also seen here)
Necktie: Vintage via Ninna Lu, Retro School Bag: Vintage via Out of Print Vintage,
Rings: H&M, f21