Bubble Gum and Sunshine

Happy week of love y'all! I got in the mood, this Valentine's Day, color-blocking some of my favorite vintage pieces. Both re-worked masterpieces, what I am most smitten with, about both shirt and skirt, is that they have a subtle classic print, which I can mix and match with so many other colors and styles in my wardrobe.

As we are on the topic of bringing old to new, let me tell you, I have resolved to get a bit more personal on my blog, letting my lovely loyal readers in on some of my history, as well as my present thoughts. Am I hesitant? Yes. But, I am also excited to where this might lead my blog to. Thus with that said, relationships are what I got on my mind as of late. Not so much of the black and white, but the grey that happens to grow as we get older. You see, when I was in my early twenties, I thought I would be married by 23, kids by 26 and how old am I now? you ask, 27. Don't me wrong now, it is not the fact that I am not all those things that has me quiet jilted with love but more that I am so confused about not wanting those things right now. It scares me to think of having all those things and then "falling out of love" or realize, even worse, there was never an "in love". I see so many people around me that seem so sure. Yet, so many as well that seem to pretend to be so sure. But then what do I really know about love anymore, for if there is only one thing that I am certain of is that 6 years and counting, my learning to love, has just scratched the surface. 

 Pink Button-Up: Vintage via Silver Leaf Antiques Estate Sale (also seen here)
Yellow Skirt: Re-worked vintage via Killer Styling, Clutch: American Apperal
 Gladiator Wedges: Aldo (similar here), Bow Belt: f21 (also seen here and similar here)
Necklace: J. Crew w/Vintage Bow Clip via Crossroads Trading Co.
Wrist Candy: J. Crew, Anthropologie, Ibiss, Vintage Fusion,
Love Ring: Pink Stripes Boutique (similar here)