Forget-Me-Not Fuschia

I would have to say that Fuchsia is one of my mother's favorite colors, pushing me to wear it, as a young girl, probably a little too much. Maybe that is why I subconsciously avoided the shade for years after, despite the fact that, in retrospect, I do now realize that it does do wonders for my skin complexion. The shade recently re-surfacing as a topic of conversation, due to the search of bridesmaid attire for my brother's wedding, I have come to re-think the hue, welcoming some pieces into my wardrobe.

Fave New Purchase: H&M Fish Tail Blouse

 Oldie but Goodie: Jessica Simpson Metallic Pumps

Latest Goodwill Fab Find: Classic J.Crew Coat

By the way, have I mentioned I will be the Best Man in my brother's wedding? Well Hot-Diggity-Dog, guess what? I AM the Best Man in my brother's wedding and so in love with the concept. The 12 years difference, between my brother and I, make us quiet the pairing. He is the Snoopy to my Woodstock and I am the Piglet to his Pooh. It would be an understatement to say we are inseparable, talking multiple times a day via phone. Although, now to think of it, as of late, his dialings have been no short of groomzilla. (Disclaimer #1: The best man is NOT obligated to make it easy for the groom, but rather give him a hard time, till day of wedding) Mind you, he also met his future wife, on my birthday, at my party, hijacking my special day. (Disclaimer #2: When a couple hijacks an individual's special day, children will be subjected to comments such as "You know you wouldn't exist if it were not to for me"). All shenanigans aside, I do hope to, as the infamous Barney Stinson would say, "suit-up" a la rehearsal dinner, fitting the Best Man agenda. Of course, make sure to stay tuned for the Kodak moments.

P.S. Thanks Helena for disclaimer #2. XOXO.