DIY: Colored Cap-Toe Pumps

My recent obsession with pointy, colored cap-toe pumps is no joke. Always a true fan of the stiletto heel with the elongated front, I was over joyed when I initially spotted them in pictures, runway and bloggers alike. As I scoured the web, for the perfect nude pair, I stumbled upon the cap-toe effect, a new twist on the classic style. "Pinning" (see here) drool-worthy designer duds, I got to thinking, "Might I just be able to salvage an old pair, DIYing this latest trend?" Applying the spray paint equation (FabSugar's DIY Clutch inspiration see here) to my go-to, black pumps that had scuffed points, Viola! I got me some snazzy new feet candy. Easy as pie, I suggest you run to your closet, nearest Goodwill or local Crossroads Trading Co., and re-vamp some pre-loved, pointed puppies ASAP. For how, see steps below:

Step 1: You will need a multi-purpose cleaner, spray paint, painter's tape and newspaper.

Step 2: Clean the area to be spray painted and let dry.

Step 3: Tape off all areas not be spray painted, with attention to width and angle. Do not forget the tiny strip of sole along sides. Also recommended, cover the whole shoe with newspaper for extra prevention of paint transfer to non-desired areas.

Step 4: Spray paint and allow to dry well. Repeat this step two more times or until desired color and finish is achieved.

Step 5: Peel the tape of slowly and carefully, going back over with the solvent to clean-up excess painted areas if needed.
Step 6: Take theses puppies for a test drive.

My first original DIY project, I am amazed at how well they turned out! Okay. Okay. I have to admit, the boy did the spray painting. For if I would have dabbled, I am certain I would be showing you pictures of pumps full of globs of gold, in splotches. How am I so convinced? Well it was Christmas of 92' when I got a miniature mall and I was so impatient I botched the permanent sticker decals. Usually my then teenage brother’s forte, given his perfectionist nature, my hastiness left me crushed.I assure you, as I held the spray paint in hand, way to excited for my own good, oddly enough, it was these flashbacks that snapped some sense into me. Thus the endless days and nights the boy spent spray painting his motorcycle, on his front lawn (Gawd I know he's gonna hate me for leaking this. To his credit, he didn't know any better. LOL), I new the boy was ready for the pump project and he looked cute doing it. Gotta love a boy who knows his motorcycles and his Manolos. Stay tuned for my outfit post this week when I rock these bad boys!