Collateral Doggage January Outtakes

Collateral Doggage- n. Unintentional or accidental style comma to a dog that would not be a lawful fashionista target, in the circumstances ruling at the time. The phrase is prevalently used as an euphemism for a dog of a fashion action.

January 1st officially marked one year since Mr. Oliver came into my life. Big-eared, smelly and with quiet the pot-belly, I never imagined a little runt of the litter could bring me so much unconditional love. My running partner, my fashion model, my taste tester, Mr. Oliver, is most of all, one of the best parts of my heart. In celebration of this month, Mr. Oliver joined me in my cape crusade (see here) and rocked his own spring interpretation of a dreamcape.

Bow Tie: Gypsy Tailor,  Khaki Cape: Martha Stewart