Vintage Ventures 101

Inevitably, my antiquing adventures have recently led me to vintage ventures, but trust me it did not happen over-night. Afraid to dabble in the garment hunt, it was countless times I passed over racks, full of fabulous finds, overwhelmed by the selection process. I mostly did not trust myself to truly come home with one-of-a-kind authentic pieces and be simply stuck with old clothes. (Mind you, I did the first two times) Yet, once I scored my first designer piece, I came to realize it was all a matter of editing and gut instinct. If you find yourself as I did, itching to hunt but scared of the aftermath, I have a couple of tips for you to easy your worries.

1. Shop Like It's New: When you first start your hunt, grab anything that catches your eye. Don't worry about labels. Look out more for wear and tear and sizing. You do not want to get stuck with anything that will cost a bundle to alter or clean.

2. Edit By Material Quality: Go through your picks and look closely at the type of materials the pieces are made of. Stick to good threads. I like silk and leather pieces.

3. Edit By Label:  Look at the brands. Don't expect to go home with designer names on everything, but do keep eyes-pealed for well-known labels. This will help you to get to know the vintage brands you love and what to look for on your next hunt.

4. Listen To Your Gut Feeling: After editing your pile, by the garments' facts, ask yourself, is this really my style? Yes, it is one-of-a-kind, but is it your one-of-a-kind? You know what is in your wardrobe and if it will fit in.

My most recent vintage find came in the form of  pink crushed-velvet. Betsey Johnson circa 1980's, I nabbed it for only $7 dollars. Happy Hunting!

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