Collateral Doggage November Outtakes

Collateral Doggage- n. Unintentional or accidental style comma to a dog that would not be a lawful fashionista target, in the circumstances ruling at the time. The phrase is prevalently used as an euphemism for a dog of a fashion action.

I am ending November, starting a new blog post I will be ending with monthly, from here on out, and I only hope you will enjoy it as much as I love putting it together. Day in and day out, as I style myself to death some nights, I have come to find it irresistible to capture my style companion, Mr. Oliver, who follows my every fashion move with his watchful eyes. Call me crazy, but always end up talking out my outfits with my loyal pup and I have to admit, at times he does end up as what I like to call "Collateral Doggae" or in other words, an innocent bystander of my style adventures. A handsome pup himself with a love for posing, I am sure this blog ritual will become quite the highlight of my month!

{Dog Wool Bow Tie by Grey Paw Design

Tied-Up In Giving Thanks

I love dressing-up a little more formal and fancy around the holidays and what says fancy or formal more than a bow tie. Recently infatuated with getting my pup one, it was only a matter of time I attempted the look myself. Yet I had not been too keen on wearing one the traditional way, but more seeking a new take on the style. Almost as if it was meant to be, I picked up this bow tie necklace at SF Thread last weekend, jonzing to wear it asap. Taking inspiration in the bow tie's colorful ikat print, I ended up color-blocking an ensemble, worthy of yummy Thanksgiving dinner rounds. I must inform you though, my mother and I had quite the "discussion" over my outfit, her claiming it was a little too "loud" and me stating haven't I always been a tad bit too "loud". I almost doubled over in laughter when she of course figured out a way to bring up her dislike, of my color-collaboration, yet once again, as we discussed our Mexico trip coming up in March. "Aye no. Don't you even think about dressing like that when you go down there. Your gonna scare everyone," she claimed as she cut the Turkey.  Gosh I wish it was March already. Any who, thankful for the food and certainly thankful for the family time, my short but sweet Thanksgiving staycation was a fun start to the holiday season.  

{Zara Knit Sweater, Vintage Re-Worked Skirt via Killer Styling,
 Target Tights, Charles David Gold with Snake Piping Pumps,
Thrifted Purse Via Crossroads, Rojas Bow Tie Necklace,
Thrifted Belt via Goodwill, Kate Spade Flying Colors Idiom Bangle}

Confectionery Celebrations

Maybe its because my mother has always took such pride when welcoming people into our home that I myself love hosting friends over my own casita whenever I have an excuse to celebrate. This weekend's pre-birthday gathering was no exception when I rounded-up a few old and new friends for an intimate confectionery celebration. Inspired by my collection of  guests, I crafted a vintage set-up with some birthday treats that had a fun twist. Simple and quick, I whipped together chocolate cupcakes in cones, topping them with frosting and sprinkles. Always loving a classic throwback, I also offered mini soda pop concoctions in classic coca-cola bottles. A final favorite touch, I placed olives in my depression glass butter dish. An estate sale discovery, I new this green grab would someday be more that just a decorative kitchen piece.  

Happy THREADfull Birthday

Letting the pieces fall as they may, I spent my birthday this year trotting around town doing quite a few things  that tickled my fancy. One of those things was undoubtedly THREAD show for it combined family, friends and fashion, allowing me to share some giggles with the boy, his silly sis and his sweet cousin, while browsing some creative creations. Treated to the VIP hour pre-show rush, I prepped myself for my shopping quest with a free mini mani at the nail bar. A first time THREADer I was head over heels over the the variety of quality products I was able to snatch up. From recycled skateboard wood into mustache rings to old pocket watches into long pendant necklaces, local style innovation was a rad staple style of the show. Some of my personal favorite old into new  finds were some snazy bow tie necklaces and re-vamped vintage skirts I cannot wait to incorporate into my holiday get-ups. 

{Forever 21 Babydoll Dress, Faux Fur BB Dakota Vest, Xhilliration Tights via Target,
Thrifted Retro Purse via Crossroad, Mossimo Boots via Target}

THREADing Style Inspiration

Braving the SF fall drizzle, local fashionistas hit the THREADing extravaganza today serving up some wonderfully warm wardrobe must-haves. Prowling the show for some stylish cocktail deserving gals, I found a handful of fur sporting, funky tights loving, boot trotting ladies right on cue with the season. 

Birthday Bellini

THREAD is back visiting San Francisco this weekend and I will of course be spending my birthday at the show in seek of some fabulous duds, while enjoying some much needed pampering! In honor of my THREADshow birthday bonanza, THREAD will be offering a Mimi's Muneca signature birthday cocktail, the Mimi Bellini, at the THREAD cocktail lounge. For a chance to win a signature cocktail on me, wear your most fab SF look to the show, for I will be awarding drink tickets to 7 lucky stylish thread goers in celebration of turning 27!

Don't forget to "Like" the THREADshow Facebook Fan Page as well as the Mimi's Muneca's Facebook Fan Page to track my THREAD show fashion endeavors and fashionista finds. I will be posting live pictures throughout the day! Also stay tuned to get a special look at the THREAD show VIP hour.

For more infromation about THREAD, like location and event hours visit:

Cheers! and Happy THREADing!

Goodness in a Jar

I took on quite the undertaking this past weekend that started out with a search for the perfect jars. My heart set on making a dessert in a jar I needed some pint size perfections with a wide mouth for easy access. I of course aquired a great bunch at ACME Party Box Co., that will double up as drinking glasses for future dinner parties. Nevertheless after going through a handful of batches, trying find the perfect combo, I am still in the process of modifying the recipe. So far I have concocted a gooey delight of pecans and pumpkin, topped with graham cracker crumbs. I also learned how to make whipped cream from scratch. A small detail that I had no clue was so simple to do, I will never go back to ready made whipped cream again!

For the recipes I pieced together visit: Glorious Treats,, A Farm's Girl Dabbles

Glitter Pumps and Green Pleats

My Birthday Week Is HERE! Forgive me for my excitement but its just that birthday week for me equals busting out the glitter, sequins and sparkle. Given that my special day falls on a Sunday this year, I got a whole weekend full of fab things to do from shopping to dinner parties planned, so prepare yourself for outfit post overload! 

To start this week off right I decided to style an outfit around my gold glitter pumps and a vintage statement bracelet with a shiny nest of green rhinestone sparkle. Loving my last green sweater and skirt pairing I almost echoed the same concept with this ensemble, yet instead of a modern print and monochromatic coloring-blocking, I chose a more classic school girl style complementing a green, accordion-pleated skirt with a pink and green, striped, thin knit top.

{f21 Sweater, i.e. Accordion Pleated Skirt via Goodwill, Bakers Victoria G Glitter Pumps,
Vintage Clutch, Thrifted Belt, H&M Bow Bangle, Vintage Green Bangle
Vintage Green Rhinestone Statement Bracelet, J. Crew Pendant Necklace}

Dear Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Pre-Loved Michael Kors Marigold Pointed Lapels Striped Blazer
Average Price: $40
Goodwill Price: $18

Several months ago I happily stumbled upon blogger Mr. Goodwill Hunting when watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, The Nate Berkus Show. A man with a mission, he showed viewers how to browse the local Goodwill and come up on some great deals. I was a bit skeptical of this so called hunting, for all my previous Goodwill experiences had been  for one-time use college, theme-party outfits, with pre-loved clothes shopping reserved for only high-end consignment boutiques. Yet, one lazy Sunday in Palo Alto I decided to wander into some Goodwill locations and expand my thrifting experience. Needless to say, it started with a $1 dollar Parfait jar and is now currently my latest obsession, called $7 dollar Mosser cake stand. From designer finds to vintage pieces I have learned Goodwill hunting in the Bay is all about the willingness to dig through the piles and love of re-vamping. As for the Michael Kors Blazer, you might be wondering..., I would show you a full picture, but it deserves an outfit post and no less. Thus you will have to wait! In the meantime two sweet stores perfect for a hunting adventure are The Goodwill Boutique Menlo Park and The Goodwill Palo Alto.  For more inspiration visit Mr. Goodwill Hunting's Blog!

Vintage Le Parfait Canning Jar
Average Price: $10
Goodwill Price: $1

Mosser Solid Pink Milk Glass 6"Cake Stand 
Average Price: $35
Goodwill Price: $7

 Orange with Bubble Gum Pink Trim Baekgaard Clutch New with Tags 
Average Price: $40
Goodwill Price: $15

Summer Green Meets Fall Ice

In the words of Frank Losser, "Baby, It's cold outside." Finally the November rain has brought the Fall icy chill to the Bay, giving me a great excuse to throw together some stylishly warm weekend ensembles. Yet spoiled by west coast weather, the cool California  breeze is also always accompanied by the lingering warm sun, creating the perfect temperature to rock a lovely layered look. Thus an ode to the juxtapositional California climate, I took a multi-blue toned, print maxi dress, layering it with a simple knit summer green sweater. Adding pops of neutral hues, I belted it with a camel colored belt and paired it with chocolate toned lace-up booties. Icing the outfit with some sparkle, I accessorized it with a LYLIF statement necklace, appropriately called "Ice-Ice Baby" and a cocktail ring for some extra glimmer.

Embracing the slight seasonal changes this past weekend even further, I headed out to the Campbell's Farmers Market, a year round affair that is open every Sunday. All things local, some of my favorite homegrown and homemade things I look forward to from the market are, the assorted selection of Beckmann's pies, the wonderful variety of fresh cut flowers and the various flavors of Smit Orchards' apple cider.

{H&M Maxi Dress, Zara Knit Sweater, Aldo Purse, Guess Leather Lace-Up Booties,
LYLIF Statement Necklace, Thrifted Leather Belt via Goodwill, Exclusively In Cocktail Ring}