Delicate Dainty Details

Had tons of fun at the re-grand opening of It's A Girl Thing. Once just a tiny consignment store in Willow Glen, it has now expanded and carries some seriously fabulous oldies but goodies. I made various circles, hunting for an item that whispered "I want to come home with you". I set my sights on a handful of 50's style dresses and I also eyed a couple of beaded clutch purses. I finally came upon a bracelet made up of a gold-chain with faux crystal details. Delicate and dainty, it was a perfect fit for my small wrist. Of course, it had to come home with me.

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Sweet Summer Heat

The sun is out and I'm all about some sweetening up the summer heat. I love munching on some fruit, but my instant thirst quencher fix is iced tea. Chai or green, I love tea with a little bit-o-sugar. Having acquired a tea maker over the holidays, my boy figured he would attempt to make some homemade iced tea to satisfy my sweet needs. Quiet the innovator, he simply used two Chai tea bags for the brew. I was pretty impressed at how good it was. You see the funny thing is, I tried this last month when he was away at a race and well, let's say it didn't quiet come out as I thought. I got a little ambitious adding milk and Cinnamon and when it tasted just plain bad, I mindlessly started throwing things in, refusing to accept my iced tea defeat. I might have failed to mention this to him. I couldn't quite come to terms with admitting that my complicated female brain led to such a tea disaster, while his simple male-mind concoction was so very delicious.

{H&M Top, 03 Everly Skirt purchased at The Usuals, Aldo Gladiator Wedge Heels, Gifted Purse, J.Crew Necklace}

Mid-Week Nail Polish Itch

I've been rocking the sea green polish all summer and was jonzing for some change. The neon red didn't really do the thing for me past the weekend so I decided I would take the chance to expand my nail horizons. I had contemplated the "one nail different" trend but was some what hesitant at its possibilities of tackiness. Don't get me wrong, I love out-of-the-box looks, but when it comes to my nails I'm a matte color kinda girl. Once I find a color I get stuck. I decided to seize the moment and add a bit of gold glitter glam to my yellow nail inspiration.

{Opi Need Sunglasses?, China Glaze Gold Digger} 

Bikes and Boots

Still trying to recover from a long weekend at the motorcycle races in Monterey. Bikes overload, it has been a while since I have willingly lived at the track for a couple of days, sleeping in a van, stealing power from tire warmers to heat my curling iron and such. It must admit though, it was sweet seeing my much missed race family. I packed two pairs of boots. Us track-trekking gals need sturdy shoes to survive dirt, asphalt and the occasional two-wheel ride up hills. Laced or cowboy, I love me some boots. Unlike most moto weekends, I took a break from my moonlighting umbrella girl duties, but I still painted the track neon red with my nail polish and matching peep-toe pumps, that made limited appearances.

{Merona Leather Boots by Target, Xhiliration Brown Suede Fringe Boots by Target, Forever 21 Brass Knuckle Hearts Ring}

Classic Little White Number

I was finally was able to explore a local antique shop called SilverLeaf Antiques. I had driven past the place several times, subconciously promising myself to come back. So I popped in after covering an event that happened to be around the corner. I was floored at the amount of vintage costume pieces the warehouse like store carried. I found a classic little white number to add to my jewlery collection. A simple gold bracelet, the faux white stone-like design is what makes it so timeless.

Memories and Marriage

I don't know when we stopped pretending to play dress-up and started planning weddings, but somehow we're here and the in between is just a blur. I caught up with my high school best friends in Aptos, CA for a bachlorette outing this weekend and was able to just stand still for a moment and look back. As I took in the ocean, so much seemed so far, the firsts, the people, the laughs. Yet the memories, the sweet memories are always here. It felt good to have a time-out and take a breather. It also helps that I finally got a fabulous tan.

Bracelets and Bows

I am in love with the one-of-a-kind accessories I came up on at the Local Label Faire. Despite the pouting boyfriend, who only came for the movable feast, I found a handful awesome stuff.

An avid antique hunter, well let's be honest, an obsessed antique scavenger, I was so excited to discover Vintage Fusion. My eyes immediately fixated on a sweet bracelet made up of a single, old-school, matte pink button surrounded by small little rhinestones. Usually a bangle kinda girl, this simple yet bold piece is my first statement bracelet.

Another obsession of mine as of late is head couture and I was smitten when I found a delicate little number by local label Intwined. Mostly a maker of bow head bands, I snatched a one off deal in the form of a bow fascinator. A sophisticated light pink bow with white netting, I can't wait to style it with an outfit.

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