Tin Treasures

It was my second time making the journey to the Alamdea Point Antique Faire this past Sunday. Interestingly enough, a first-timer, the boy decided to make the trip with me as well. But true to a first timer's nature, he just couldn't pull the trigger and nab a steal. Mind you we had been watching American Pickers marathons in mental preparation for the what can be, for most, an overwhelming feat.  Yet despite the overdose of antique hunting motivation, the rows and rows of pre-loved quirky pieces stunned the boy to stillness. Not to toot my own horn, myself on the other hand, happily can home with a few tin treasures, suitably fabulous for dwelling design. My most innovative find was a handful of vintage tin lids. Bursting with vivid shades, I decided to hang them on a wall, finding inspiration in a dish collage. A dollar each, these colorful pieces are a simple solution to my take on unique wall art. I also fell in love with a classic Morton Salt advertisement sign, with a working thermometer for $25 dollars and a $5 dollar tiny old-school race car toy.