Gift Guide - Style Loving Gifts Under $50

1. Best Of Both Worlds Ring - LYLIF - $13.00
2. Faux Fur Scarf - H&M - $17.95
3. Snake Print Belt - Zara - $35.90
4. Lulu Frost Deco Bangle - J.Crew - $45.00
5. Opdyke Handbag - Aldo - $48.00

Who doesn't like a swanky, statement, style piece for Christmas? Whether your want to vamp up a little black number or dress-up a white t-shirt and jeans, statement pieces are just the thing. Personally, I enjoy gifting these chic style accessories, avoiding size dilemmas. At great prices, here are some of my style-worthy picks that are perfect gifts for that fashionista in your life. 

Gift Guide: