Dear Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Pre-Loved Michael Kors Marigold Pointed Lapels Striped Blazer
Average Price: $40
Goodwill Price: $18

Several months ago I happily stumbled upon blogger Mr. Goodwill Hunting when watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, The Nate Berkus Show. A man with a mission, he showed viewers how to browse the local Goodwill and come up on some great deals. I was a bit skeptical of this so called hunting, for all my previous Goodwill experiences had been  for one-time use college, theme-party outfits, with pre-loved clothes shopping reserved for only high-end consignment boutiques. Yet, one lazy Sunday in Palo Alto I decided to wander into some Goodwill locations and expand my thrifting experience. Needless to say, it started with a $1 dollar Parfait jar and is now currently my latest obsession, called $7 dollar Mosser cake stand. From designer finds to vintage pieces I have learned Goodwill hunting in the Bay is all about the willingness to dig through the piles and love of re-vamping. As for the Michael Kors Blazer, you might be wondering..., I would show you a full picture, but it deserves an outfit post and no less. Thus you will have to wait! In the meantime two sweet stores perfect for a hunting adventure are The Goodwill Boutique Menlo Park and The Goodwill Palo Alto.  For more inspiration visit Mr. Goodwill Hunting's Blog!

Vintage Le Parfait Canning Jar
Average Price: $10
Goodwill Price: $1

Mosser Solid Pink Milk Glass 6"Cake Stand 
Average Price: $35
Goodwill Price: $7

 Orange with Bubble Gum Pink Trim Baekgaard Clutch New with Tags 
Average Price: $40
Goodwill Price: $15